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Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
not as hot for concord, livermore, in the middle 80s, san jose down to 78, santa rosa 77. but much cooler the onshore flow has returned. 4:00 yesterday versus 4:00 today, downtown san francisco 30 degrees cooler, downtown oakland 24 degrees cooler. so the change comes in kind of abruptly today. overnight lows point upper 40s santa rosa, napa 51, vallejo 55, fremont 53. wake up tomorrow morning in the santa clara valley in the upper 50s. 58 for san jose. very interesting to watch this kind of transition of air masses like a snake slithering up the california coastline. we're watching this cloud cover and this moisture begin to envelope the bay area once again. now we're cloudy at the coast again, slipping through the golden gate. and many areas near the bay will wake up mainly cloudy tomorrow. here's the change. homes moved. it's now closer to us spinning off to our west. the counterclockwise flow is giving us that onshore flow. we'll have cloud cover in the morning the next several days and cooler afternoons. then something interesting happens. a little early for this. low pressure is goi
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
temperatures. they are warm. you hit 100 in santa rosa today. currently 96. san jose, 92. downtown san francisco, 87. oakland in the city, 88 and the warmest day of the year and pushing 100 in the inland communities, so sunny at the coast and sunny in the bay and sunny inland and all temperatures running well above normal. we'll cool off tonight. the nights in october are long and we'll be in the upper 50s for low 60s for vallejo, fremont, san francisco, and oakland. and as i mentioned, little if any marine layer to worry about. tomorrow, the offshore wind continues, and we will stay warm with a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. if you like today, you'll love tomorrow and significant changes on wednesday. the same low pressure area to the south helping us give the offshore wind by wednesday will give us an onshore flow with southwest wind and cooler weather by the middle of the week, and at the end of the week, with 20 to 25 degrees cooler. concord, 97. and san jose, another toasty one in the santa clara valley, 92. sunnyvale, 92. hayward, 88, and near triple digits again for concord
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
digits for concord, livermore, santa rosa, 101. currently 99. san jose 94. downtown san francisco 85 degrees. big baseball game tonight. short-sleeved shirt weather for the as and rangers. as win two more, they will win the division. clear and warm tonight, first pitch temperature 82 degrees. because this is happening in october, we don't have a heat warning because we're cooling off tonight. we are down to the upper 50s for fremont, san jose 61, concord 61, vallejo 58 degrees. so we're hot during the day. but we are cooling off at night. now, that hot during the day thing? that's gone starting tomorrow. low pressure is work up the california coastline. where it will be tomorrow will give us the same counterclockwise flow but now it's an onshore flow. that means about 10 or 15 degrees cooler widespread with some areas on the peninsula or the coast like downtown san francisco 20 or 25 degrees cooler tomorrow. then low pressure is just going to kind of sit right over top of the bay area this weekend which means highs just about everywhere near the bay. we'll only be in the 60s and comi
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
're only 68. livermore 72. san jose 71. santa rosa 66. here's that two-day temperature drop. concord on tuesday 100. today a high of only 71. san jose two days ago you were 96. 21 degrees cooler today. so the cooldown has now enveloped the santa clara valley and also our inland communities. mountain view tonight 55. wake-up tomorrow in san jose 55. bus stop temperature in fairfield down to 53 degrees. a lot of cloud cover as the onshore flow is increasing. look at it all. it's burning back to the coastline right now but it will shove inland once again tonight. and the next several days are going to be similar to what we have today. low pressure off to our west but it's getting closer to us. as it does, it's going to pick up more of that onshore flow keep us in the 60s all afternoon long near the bay and keep us only in the mid- to upper 70s in our inland communities and just don't worry about the coast. it will be cloudy for a while. then low pressure moves over us. that forecast hasn't changed. if anything it's more of a direct hit than yesterday. that means a shower chance for the
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. santa rosa 69 degrees. let me get you through tonight first because so many of you head out friday night getting up early maybe hitting a garage sale tomorrow morning. san rafael 49, chilly napa 48. fremont 52. mountain view 55. san jose down to 54. fleet week blue angels man are those pilots awesome! weather will be good, not great. partly cloudy skies. there will be clouds and it will be chilly near the bay. 63 degrees. a lot of cloud cover moving in from the south and from the west. this is the upper level low pressure area that's destabilizing the atmosphere and as it does clouds will be more prevalent as we get through the weekend so that low we were talking about yesterday, it's about 50 or 100 miles closer. it's on its way here giving us the onshore flow. and a partly sunny weekend. thankfully, it's knott going to be right over top of us -- it's not going to be right over top of us until monday. saturday and sunday dry, cannot say the same about monday, tuesday and wednesday as upper level low pressure is over top of you was. there is a chance of some showers for most of next week
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5